Sunday, May 13, 2007

Army of LifeSavers

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Vickie Barker said...

Taking ownership for my own health and applying the simple protocol the Nobel Laureates have presented, I've learned that the natural cure for the human body IS the human body. I've learned that dis-ease is merely a different level or degree of a deterioration or degeneration caused by deficiencies or lack of specific minerals and nutrients in a form the body can actually use. It is very simple, Give Back to the Body that which it was intended to have, in the proper form, when it was Created and it can and will "doctor" itself.

After diagosis' of sinusitis, tmj, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, I began researching the scientific health community. What I learned and with the application of that knowledge, my body has been able to heal itself.

I now know that money, power and greed, unfortunately, have come before human needs. We each must do our part to make life better.

It is time for the people to come to the aid of the people, through their families, friends, communities, churches and organizations.

Advanced Scientific Health is a way to help yourself and others without utilizing government money and without risking our health and lives to potentially dangerous pharmacuetical drugs and mainstream medical procedures.

~ Vickie Barker