Sunday, May 13, 2007

Army of LifeSavers

This Blog has been developed and is provided

by the "Army of LifeSavers" (ALS).

Members in the ALS are encouraged to post their personal ASH testimonials in the COMMENT Section of the posts here at this blog.

You will see a link below for COMMENT. Posting your ASH testimonial as a comment will help us keep the testimonials in one place. We can then simply link to this Blog and share. Other testimonials can then be added individually as needed.

Post your testimonial AND your personal ASH Website address with any other contact information you feel appropriate.

If you are having trouble posting your testimonial,
please contact Vickie at: abfoundation @

(The above e-mail address must be typed in your address bar.
Do NOT copy and paste the above e-mail address, it will not work.)